As part of our mission to increase access to the private technology sector, Crossover produces a slate of free educational programming ranging from the 2-Minute Drill newsletter and weekly Clubhouse show, to The Crossover video series and Crossover Education presentation series.

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Each week, The 2-Minute Drill newsletter covers the biggest stories from the world of tech — all in 2 minutes.


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As part of our ongoing partnership with the National Basketball Players Association (NBPA), Crossover and the NBPA teamed up for the inaugural Crossover (LA)UNCHPAD event bringing together world-class leaders from the worlds of tech and sports + entertainment. Press Release / Video Recap

The Crossover video series brings together leaders of today's hottest startups and athletes + entertainers at the top of their fields, to talk about what drives them, what they can learn from each other, and what the future holds. Distributed in partnership with ESPN.

Today, the lines between sports, entertainment, and technology are more blurred than ever before. We bring together world-class founders and pro athletes + entertainers to discuss all things tech, startups, innovation, and culture.