Crossover is proudly backed by a diverse network of founders, institutions, family offices, and dozens of the top pro athletes and entertainers in the world.

The Venture Capital Partner for the Modern Athlete + Entertainer

Technology is powering the New Economy, and Crossover provides today’s athletes and entertainers with balanced and diversified access to investing in the private technology sector alongside a network of prominent family offices, institutions, and founders + execs.

Led by an experienced team with more than 30 years experience building and investing in Silicon Valley, Crossover serves as the trusted guide for helping the Modern Athlete + Entertainer learn about and strategically leverage the tech sector to unlock their full brand potential.

The Strategic Investor for Technology Startups

It has never been a better time to be a startup founder, with more options for raising startup capital than at any other time in history. But in an ecosystem flush with investor capital and equally well-capitalized competition, some capital is more valuable than others.

Thanks to the power of technology, today’s athletes and entertainers have the power to help startups lower customer acquisition costs, attract top talent, and drive increased sales by unlocking the power of their platform. Through Crossover, founders and fund managers receive investment and support from a seasoned investing team, as well as access to a network of dozens of the biggest names in sports and entertainment – all with a single name on the cap table.

The Family Office + Institution Opportunity

Today's family offices and institutional investors are looking for venture capital partners that can help them gain access to investing in the top early-stage technology opportunities. Through Crossover, family offices and institutional investors gain access to investing in a diverse portfolio of early-stage opportunities, and then further benefit from co-investing alongside top athletes and entertainers.


Noah Lichtenstein

Founder & Managing Partner

Noah has been helping build technology startups for over a decade, first as an entrepreneur and now as an investor. He has invested in and advised more than 50 early-stage startups, including Life360 (ASX:360), Cleo, NTWRK, Sundae, Clubhouse, and many more. Prior to his investing career, Noah spent a decade building startups, including as a founding member of HomeRun (acquired for over $100mm less than 18 months after launch), an early member of the Climate Corporation (acquired by MON for $1bn), and co-founder of Annuvia (acquired by a PE firm).

Noah received a BA with Honors from Stanford University, where he also played on the Men's Lacrosse team. He serves on the Board of Directors for the United Way of the Bay Area and has been a guest speaker or contributor for organizations including TechCrunch, Stanford University, UT Austin, the National Basketball Players Association (NBPA), Goldman Sachs, LAUNCH and more.

Prior to launching his career in the tech sector, Noah grew up on a blueberry farm in rural Southern Oregon and served as a certified wildland firefighter.

Ken Sawyer

Venture Partner

Donald Dell