Diversified Access to the Private Technology Sector

Technology is the engine powering today's economy and where top financial returns are being made...but the best opportunities are gated behind investors with insider access. Crossover provides access to a diversified portfolio of the most promising early-stage opportunities.

The New Venture Landscape

We believe that founder/operator-led micro-VC funds have replaced traditional funds as the first call of today’s top founders and that these emerging managers will continue to outperform traditional VC firms with ever-increasing AUM.

Our Team

Extended Team

Ken Sawyer

Venture Partner

Donald Dell



To deliver the best risk-adjusted returns in venture capital while serving as a trusted partner to investors and identifying, curating, and supporting our community of top technology, talent, and industry leaders.


To become the trusted venture capital partner of investors, supporting the next generation of innovators, while increasing access to the private technology sector.


We act with integrity and transparency, follow-through on what we say, and strive to earn and re-earn the trust of our partners through our actions.

We keep our promises, communicate clearly, welcome diversity of opinions, ideas and perspectives, and treat others how we wish to be treated.

We believe success is the result of intelligence, enhanced through thoughtful application of experience and vision, and we strive to apply this belief in support of our investors and the managers and founders we back.

Commitment to Excellence
We are committed to continuous growth and shared success, and we view each experience as an opportunity to improve ourselves and our community.